Arcade Creek Feasibility Study

Sacramento, California

Foothill Associates prepared a feasibility study on Arcade Creek in the City of Sacramento to examine the health of a section of the Creek and recommend strategies for restoring the stream corridor to a healthier state. We utilized a variety of GIS-based mapping and analysis techniques. Existing GIS data of the area were assembled to aid in understanding land use, the physiographic characteristics of the basin, current conditions assessment, goal setting, and development of management strategies. Data were collected from numerous agencies, clipped to a derived watershed boundary, and converted to a common geographic coordinate system and projection. Metadata were compiled and organized for use with the database to be provided to the client.


The GIS database was used to determine characteristics of creek reaches to meet four objectives: improve habitat, mitigate flood damage, improve water quality and increase opportunities for recreation. Several proximity analyses were conducted, and the results shown cartographically and in tabular form.