Anderson Landfill Culvert Repair

Anderson, California

Foothill Associates prepared a biological and wetland constraints analysis for a culvert removal project at the Anderson Landfill. The project is located within an unnamed drainage tributary to Cottonwood Creek and a large seasonal marsh area occurs upstream of the existing culvert and road crossing. These features are both waters of the U.S. and regulated by local, state, and federal agencies. Foothill Associates’ biologists conducted a field survey of the site on foot to record plant and animal species, and observed and characterized biological communities. Special attention was given to identifying those portions of the site with the potential for supporting special-status species and sensitive habitats.


Foothill Associates also prepared a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit as required by Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA); Water Quality Certification pursuant to CWA Section 401; and Streambed Alteration Agreement pursuant to the California Department of Fish and Game Code Section 1600.


Biological and wetlands constraints analysis in support of removal of a failing culvert.